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Reg Wilton Guiding

Reg Wilton Guiding

My Name is Reg Wilton; I am an Adnyamathanha man who grew up in the Flinders Ranges on a Sheep Station on the edge of Lake Frome and started work on the Station that I call home. I am well known o the Pastoralist’s in this area.

I spent a short time finishing primary school at Nepabunna Mission which they now call Nepabunna Community & also spent a short time in Beltana attending primary school there.Upon leaving the station I call home I commenced working with ETSA and the Highways Department in Leigh Creek.

I then travelled to the Nullarbor and worked as a station hand before spending 7 years working for the railways at Rawlinna in Western Australia. I transferred back to Peterborough with the Railways. After time in Peterborough I then went goat mustering in the Flinders Ranges. For the past 26 years I have worked for Aboriginal Hostels and currently manage the Hostel in Port Augusta.

I look forward to sharing my country and culture with you on my tag-a-long tours in the Flinders Ranges.

Reg Wilton

* Adnyamathanha Dreaming is still very strong in our traditional Yarta (land) * The Adnyamai seasonal bush food is located throughout the 3 Gorges around the Blinman area * Rock Art can be found in several places, THIS IS THE OLDEST ART GALLARY IN THE WORLD

Aunty Enice

Aunty Enice

Aunty Enice

I am a descendant of the Adnyamathanha (Indigenous people) from the northern Flinders Ranges region in South Australia. Our country runs from Quorn in the south to north of Lyndhurst and is bordered east and west by Lake Torrens and Lake Frome. My birthplace is Balcanoona in the Gammon Ranges which is also known as Vulkathuna National Park.

I grew up at Nepabunna Mission and attended the mission school with my brothers and sisters in the late 1940’s

As a young adult I lived and worked on Wertaloona Station (near Lake Frome) when Reg was born and growing up as a school boy, and also starting his employment as a young man on Wertaloona.
I was employed on Wertaloona Station as a housemaid for (3 three) years before I moved away from there in 1961 when I got married and went to live in Clare South Australia with my husband’s family.

The outback lifestyle included working at South Gap Station near Lake Torrens adjacent to what was known as Roxby Downs Station
From 1965 we lived in Leigh Creek South Australia where I lived with my husband and children. I worked with the Electricity Trust for several years. In 1991 my husband and I retired in Gladstone South Australia where we still live.

My hobbies include Adnyamathanha language work, working with other Adnyamathanha Elders, and doing heritage related work, including protecting sacred sites from land development and mining. This also includes recording Aboriginal place names and the Adnyamathanha Dreamtime legend.

I enjoy returning to the Flinders Ranges to practice my Adnyamathanha culture to go camping, hunting, do bush cooking, gathering seasonal bush tucker and visiting family and the places I like and remember from my childhood.

According to our Adnyamathanha customary family law Reg Wilton is my son, as his mother was an older sister to me. He calls me Aunty or Wadnaami, ‘younger mother’ and I call him Bubba.

Adnyamathanha Dreaming Stories

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